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Tavistock Place

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“Tavistock Place"

Directed By Stephen Frears
Written By Paul Haggis and Eric Roth
Music By Craig Armstrong
Produced By Stephen Frears, Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, Steven Spielberg, Paul Haggis

Principal Cast:

Alec Baldwin (Steve Parks)
Chiwetel Ejiofor (Edwin Muster)
Eva Green (Gwendolyn Georges)
Bernard Hill (David Reynhold)
Kelly Macdonald (Olivia O’Boyle)
Kevin McKidd (John Potter)
Ian McShane (James Brampton)
William Moseley (Nicholas Borddry)
Bill Nighy (Edward Westchester)
Sophie Okonedo (Wendy Muster)
Gary Oldman (Albert Kent)
Emma Thompson (Mary Kent)
Emma Watson (Alice Potter)
Ray Winstone (Bernard Cross)

Tagline: “N/A"

Synopsis: Stephen Frears’s new drama, “Tavistock Place”, tells the story of six individuals who met their deaths when a terrorist blew up a double-decker bus at Tavistock Place, London in July 2005. Edward Westchester (Bill Nighy) is a novelist who has decided to leave London after sixty years and move out to a cottage in Wales, much to the dismay of his dying best friend (Bernard Hill). Gwendolyn (Eva Green) is a fashion model whose rising fame is going to her head and is causing havoc at every photo shoot she attends. Mary Kent (Emma Thompson) is Gwendolyn’s menopausal agent who believes that her husband (Gary Oldman) is having an affair with her client. Edwin and Wendy Muster (Chiwetel Ejiofor and Sophie Okonedo) are a newly married couple trying to have a baby while Edwin could be facing criminal charges with his aggressive boss (Alec Baldwin). John Potter (Kevin McKidd) is a single father to his teenage daughter (Emma Watson) and has begun dating again and finds Olivia (Kelly Macdonald), an Irish beauty coming from a rich family. His daughter, Alice, is also dating but her boyfriend (William Moseley) has brought her into a world of sex and drugs. Finally there is James Brampton (Ian McShane), a mentally disturbed artist who is realizing his infatuation with his very religious neighbor (Ray Winstone). In the end, Edward, Gwendolyn, Albert Kent, Edwin, Olivia, and James all find themselves on the same bus heading towards their demise as they pass through Tavistock Place.

What the press would say:

Stephen Frears delves into the memories of that fateful July day when terrorists attack the metropolis of London in his new film “Tavistock Place”. The story tells of six people who were killed on a bus that was destroyed by a suicide bomber and their lives leading up to the event. The screenplay, by Oscar winners Paul Haggis and Eric Roth, is unbelievable with its tense situations and heart wrenching dialogue. Frears is able to bring a mature look at this event with the script and the aid of his actors. The females of the cast are astounding, ranging from a starstruck model to a pregnant wife with a troubled husband. Emma Thompson is as good as ever playing the agent of the fashion model, played by Eva Green, who is fed up with her clients disregard for her requests and is becoming increasingly suspicious that her husband is having an affair with the model. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays a newly married who is becoming involved in a money laundering scheme at the firm he works for. His nervousness increases as the film progresses and he makes us feel it. Bill Nighy astounds as a troubled novelist who wishes to leave London but keeps being held back by his past. Ian McShane is the best male of the cast, delivering a paranoid and creepy performance as a man who slowly realizes that he is love with his male neighbor. Eva Green deserves best-in-show kudos as the fashion model who wishes to steal the spotlight in every aspect of her life. Her subtle movements and seductive eyes entrap the viewer in all her beauty. Overall, “Tavistock Place” is the best film of the year with some of the best performances in recent history.

Best Picture
Best Director-Stephen Frears
Best Original Screenplay
Best Supporting Actor-Chiwetel Ejiofor
Best Supporting Actor-Ian McShane
Best Supporting Actor-Bill Nighy
Best Supporting Actress-Eva Green
Best Supporting Actress-Emma Thompson
Best Original Score
Best Film Editing
Best Cinematography

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