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Author(s): Ryan
Location: New Jersey


Directed by Gore Verbinski and Rob Zombie
Written by Wes Craven and Rob Zombie
Music by David Julyan

Principal Cast:

Hilary Swank (Bree Tuner)
Leonardo DiCaprio (Kirk Tuner)
Dakota Fanning (Madison Tuner)
Kristin Stewart (Lisa Tuner)
Josh Hutcherson (Jesse Tuner)
Vanessa L. Williams (Jean Danza)
Terrance Howard (Neil Danza)
Megan Good (Emily Danza)
Lindsay Lohan (Sara Ovacs)
Nick Cannon (Guy Tuttle)
Jesse Bradford (Ash Barnett)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Tracy Ravine)
Jennifer Tilly (Casey Ewings)
Billy Bob Thornton (Buck Grimes)
Felicity Huffman (Buck’s Wife)
Elijah Wood (Jeff Grimes)
Josh Hartnett (Charlie Grimes)
Anna Faris (Maryann Grimes)
Amy Smart (Marylou Grimes)

Tagline: “Your Destination Lays Ahead” 10/31/07

RATED R- for Strong Grisly Violence, Extensive Sequences of Terror, Some Sexual Content, and Language

Synopsis: It is the summer and the Tuner family, Bree (Hilary Swank), Kirk (Leonardo DiCaprio), Madison (Dakota Fanning), Lisa (Kristin Stewart), and Jesse (Josh Hutcherson) are going to Six Flags in Jacksonville, NJ. Suddenly their GPS changes its route. They follow and come up to an old dirt road ten miles up the highway. They are about to turn back when another car comes. The same events happen to them. It is the Danza family, Jean (Vanessa L. Williams), Neil (Terrance Howard) and their daughter who just came back from college, Emily (Megan Good).

Emily brings her friends and boyfriend Guy Tuttle (Nick Cannon), Sara Ovacs (Lindsay Lohan), Tracy Ravine (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Ash Barnett (Jesse Bradford). They decide to take the path when all of a sudden something crashes through the cars front window.

They wake up in a dark barn, all in cages. However there is also Casey Ewings (Jennifer Tilly). She informs them that they are on the Grimes’ Farm. They have a GPS re-router to bring people to their farm.

They do this so they can have people to play there game. The Grimes’ are the hunters and the people are the prey. Casey said she is the only one left of her family. The family gives you a knife and you run. If you escape you can leave.

The hick Grimes’ family consists of father Buck Grimes (Billy Bob Thorton), Buck’s Wife (Felicity Huffman) who talks to them and feeds them. Their sons Jeff and Charlie Grimes (Elijah Woods, Josh Hartnett) who hunt with their dad; and sexually active (with both gender) daughters Maryann and Marylou Grimes (Anna Faris and Amy Smart).

No one is safe, not even the children. Now they must find a way to survive and escape before they get mounted on the Grimes’ wall.

What the press would say:

“Two thumbs up!”-Ebert & Roeper
“Truly The Most Dangerous Game!”
“A Thriller that THRILLS! Even the Kids are on the Chopping Block.”- People
“A+! Gruesome, realistic, gruesome, terrific.”-Entertainment Weekly
“It will take the Academy by surprise and for some, by heart attack.”-Rolling Stone Magazine
GPS is a shocking thriller that will take you on an experience of a life time. It is about to families and friends who meet each other and wind up on a killers farm who hunt humans. Each actor brings something new to the table and does it with Oscar style. However, Ten Actors and Actresses really shine. Billy Bob Thorton had some hits and misses in his career but this is right on target. Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Swank are great as husband and wife and show fear and love. Felicity Huffman wows the audience and Vanessa L. Williams gets back on the map. However, out of all the female leads Jennifer Tilly stands out and shines. For supporting Elijah Wood and Josh Hartnett are great as sadistic brothers. Anna Faris and Amy Smart go from Comedy to Oscar-winners. See THIS MOVIE!!!!!!

MEMORABLE QUOTE-“You’ll look nice right over my fireplace sweetheart.”-Buck’s Wife(Felicity Huffman) to Madison Tuner (Dakota Fanning)

Best Picture
Best Director: Gore Verbinski and Rob Zombie
Best Screenplay: Wes Craven, Rob Zombie
Best Original Score: David Julyan
Best Actor: Billy Bob Thorton, Leonardo DiCaprio
Best Supporting Actor: Josh Hartnett, Elijah Wood
Best Actress: Jennifer Tilly, Felicity Huffman, Hilary Swank, Vanessa L. Williams
Best Supporting Actress: Dakota Fanning, Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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