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Love Now, Laugh Later

Author(s): Pierre Davis
Location: Columbus, Ohio

“Love Now, Laugh Later”

Distributor: DreamWorks
Directed by: Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly
Written by: Woody Allen
Produced by: Woody Allen and Steve Martin

Principal Cast:

Will Ferrell as Adam Montgomery
Steve Carell as Francis Samuels
Ben Stiller as Jack Graves Jr.
Woody Allen as Nick Montgomery
Steve Martin as Frank Samuels
Jack Nicholson as Jack Graves Sr.
Ryan Phillippe as Steven Franks
Scarlett Johansson as Angela Franks
Sharon Stone as Jocelyn Samuels
Helen Mirren as Samantha Smith
Eva Green as Angel Smith

Rated: PG-13 for persuasive sexuality and mild language

Genre: Romantic-Comedy

Tagline: “Love and Laughter can make anyone feel special"


Chapter 1: Laugh Now, Laugh Later
Losing his mother at an early age Adam Montgomery has been raised by his father his whole life, a stand up comedian who could barely afford food some nights but always told Adam never to cry but laugh now at foolishness and laugh later when you tell people about it. Growing up he was never to lucky with the girls and his father never really helped because he could barely talk to women without having a panic attack. How he got his mother is a mystery to Adam. When he finally grows up to be a successful business man he doesn’t forget where he came from giving back to his father every chance that he gets. One day he meets a gorgeous woman who is really attracted to him and he is surprised to find this out but the only thing is that the woman is 2 decades older than him. Samantha is a retiree and well educated and knows how to get her men. When they start going out on dates Adam finally builds up enough nerves to introduce her to his father. When Adam does his father has a surprise for him also.

Chapter 2: Are you trying to seduce me Stepmother?
Frank Samuels is one of the richest men in the world and is getting married for the 7th time in his life. His son Francis hates the fact that he is the son of what news media calls the “prenuptial playa”. When he finally meets the so called woman of his father’s dreams by the name of Jocelyn he notices that she is a little flirty with him. Until he figures out that she is being way more than flirty when she tries to seduce him. Francis tries to ask for advice from his mother Samantha but she is too love sick over a fellow that Francis hasn’t met yet. He tries everything to stop his stepmother from trying to seduce him but he soon begins to like it. He begins getting jealous of the fact that his father is with her. Wanting to be together they try to figure out a way for Frank to get rid of the prenuptial agreement so they can live happily ever after.

Chapter 3: Go ahead and cry you big sissy
Jack Graves Jr. has one of the meanest fathers in the world in Jack Graves Sr., an owner of apartments mainly for up and coming couples living together for the first time. When Steven Franks and Angela Franks come in to get an apartment Jack Graves Jr. falls in love at first sight when he sees Angela. The beautiful blonde who lights up what ever room that she walks in. When they get a room Jack Graves Jr. basically begins stalking her and when Angela and Steven break up Jack sees his chance. Steven doesn’t want it to be over though so now Jack and Steven fight for the love of the beautiful Angela.

Chapter 4: Love shows no age
Adam Montgomery is a retired comedian who never really has had luck with women since the death of his wife. How he got her is a mystery to him. He is 70 years old and figures that his days are numbered. His next door neighbor Jack Graves Sr. is always in competition with him. When a beautiful young lady by the name of Angel moves in across the street from them and show attraction to both of them which spells trouble. Angel is less than what describes this woman. Everything from sabotage to ruining each others reputation is evolved in trying to win the heart of this woman. In the end the truthful Adam wins and is surprised when he finds out that his son has a new lady also and is even more surprised when he finds out that the woman that his son is dating is the mother of the new love of his life.

What the press would say:

Love Now, Laugh Later is one of the funniest but beautiful pictures seen in the last decade. It is a movie that explains how you fall in love then laugh at the situations that led you to love. This movie identifies with everyone, age, color, male or female. With a screenplay by Woody Allen this movie comes off on screen brilliantly. Bobby and Peter Farrelly are incredible directors and show the world why Woody Allen picked them out of a selected few to bring his screenplay to life. These directors could win the first best director for two people since West Side Story. Woody Allen and Will Ferrell have incredible chemistry hooking up for the first time on screen. From the first chapter to the fourth chapter this movie is incredible and the beautiful ladies involved are also incredible. Who would have ever known that Eva Green could be mentioned as a Best Supporting Actress nominee? She is incredible as the wanted angel and so is Scarlett Johansson who could be looking at her first nomination. The real stars of the film are Helen Mirren and Sharon Stone. Helen Mirren is playing her funniest role and is beautiful as the older women with the younger man. Sharon Stone is like an up to date Mrs. Robinson in her role as Mrs. Samuels and is sure to gain a nomination. With legends like Woody Allen, Jack Nicholson and Steve Martin, who wouldn’t want to see this movie? Jack Nicholson plays the mean dad to perfection and Woody Allen is the self conscious person that he is legendary for. Steve Martin also gives a surprising performance as the clueless Frank Samuels. Ryan Philippe and Ben Stiller are incredible as two feuding males looking for the close to perfect female in the beautiful Scarlett Johansson. Numerous nominations should be awarded to this film including Best Picture:

Best Picture: Woody Allen and Steve Martin
Best Director: Peter and Bobby Farrelly
Best Original Screenplay: Woody Allen
Best Supporting Actor: Woody Allen, Will Ferrell, Jack Nicholson, Ben Stiller or Steve Carroll
Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Stone, Helen Mirren or Eva Green
Best Cinematography: Remi Adefarasin
Best Film Editing: Alisa Lepselter

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