Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Author(s): Bryce Marrero
Location: Los Angeles


directed by: Peter Weir
Written by: Andrew Niccol, and Paul Haggis
produced by: Bob Yari, Holly Wiersma, and Andrew Niccol

genre- Drama

Principal Cast:

Shannon Elizabeth (Kathy Mate)
Meagan Good (Sherry Thomas)
Mark Hamill (Tom Brian)
Terrence Howard (John Johnson)
Katey Sagal (Meryl Card)
Chris Cooper (Brian Doug)

Tagline: “Six people step into an island, and leave as one"

Synopsis: A plane crashes, and six people survive the plane crash. They are taken by the sea, to a empty island. Days go by as they try to survive. One night, at a campfire, they share their stories. (as flashbacks)

Kathy Mate had the perfect life when she was a child. Her father was a successful film producer, and her mother was a kindergarten teacher. One tragic day, her mother caught her father in bed with another woman. This leads to a divorce, and Kathy goes live with her mother. While living with her mother, her mother becomes very depressed, and eventually commits suicide. Kathy must now live at an orphanage, where she is picked on daily. As she grows, she realizes in high school she could use her body as a tool. She uses sex to get whatever she wants. She enjoys what she does at first, but eventually see the evil in being what she is, a whore. She wants to stop but prostitution became an addiction for her. She went on the plane to escape all that, but found herself in a quickie with one of the
stewardess because she had lost her plane ticket.

Sherry Thomas grew up in a very bad neighborhood. Lots of drugs and violence. She and her friends, however, wanted to be something in life. They wanted to have good jobs. so her and her friends always were studying in life. Eventually her friends were influenced by the wrong people, and they became bad people. Sherry, with no friends, wanted to fit in with the others. eventually, she was persuaded to do drugs, and became addicted to them. She has done some shameful things because of her addiction. She ratted out her parents, and has given everyone in town a blow job just for some drugs. However her only happiness was her little sister. Her little sister was the only living thing she lived for. But one tragic day, Sherry chooses to do drugs instead of picking up her sister up from school. Her sister is shot, and dies on that day. After that day Sherry vowed to never do drugs again, and was able to get enough money to fly somewhere else. But she finds herself breaking her vows, and doing drugs on the plane.

John Johnson had a rough life. He saw his two brothers die, and his parents lose job after job. In order to help out, he starts to sell drugs. Everything goes great for him. Until his girlfriend gets pregnant. He decides to stop selling drugs, and gets a normal job. Later in life he loses his job, and must resort to selling drugs to help out his family. He even kills a couple of a people for cash. But with that cash he decides to leave it all. He gets on the plane to start a new life. But after Sherry overhears that John's wife sneaked some drugs on the plane, he finds himself back to selling drugs.

Meryl Card has always been a huge celebrity her whole life. She doesn't know how to live any other way. But her problem is she can't keep her panties on. she has slept with every producer there is for a big part. She's broken up families for a good role. As her career fades away, and producers even reject her offers of sex for a good role, she decides to do something new; Audition for a role. She gets a great role because of her talent, and gets on the plane to head to a new gig, and promises never to sleep with a producer for a role. But on the plane she is seated next to the biggest producer in the movie industry. He offers her a role, if she is willing to have sex with him. She accepts, and breaks her promise in the planes bathroom.

Brian Dog had the perfect life. He had a beautiful wife, and was about to get married. But one day he spots his wife sleeping with another man, He hires a hit-man to kill his wife. The hit-man is successful, and Brian regrets his decision. He becomes a pilot to try and forget his past. During his new life he meets, and weds a new woman. He loves her with all his heart. But he finds that his new wife has cheated on him also. On the plane that crash he is the pilot, and must decide whether to hire a killer or not. He decides to hire a killer, and his grief is one reason the plane crashes.

After each tells their story, they go to bed thinking about the promises they have broken. On the next day people stories start to connect. Meryl confesses to Kathy that it was her who slept with her father, and broke up her family when she was young. And John reveals it was him who killed Sherry's little sister.

All hell breaks loose as the four fight with emotions raging. But Tom stops them, and reveals his story.

Tom Brian use to be the most notorious hit-man to ever live. He had hundreds of targets, and never got caught. But after he saw his mother and wife murdered, he couldn't kill for money anymore. So he became a priest, as a way for forgiveness. But every time he slept he had nightmares of the people he killed. He couldn't live like that, and quit being a priest. He got on the plane to start a new life, with a new job. But as the plane was falling he found himself praying.

Brian realizes Tom is the killer he hired to kill his wife. But the two doesn't fight, rather they pray together. Everyone makes a promise to change there lives if they ever got off the island. In the end, Tom baptizes all of them, and a plane lands to escort them off the island. Four years later the six are close friends, and doesn't even think about their past.

What the press would say:

Peter Weir leads a mix type of actors with great performances, to make a truly amazing movie. The story is about six survivors of a plane crash that learn to start a new life on a island, and learn that they all have a connection. The story's theme is one of redemption, and that anyone can be forgiven. All the actors acted great. The performances that stand out the most are Shannon, Meagan, and Mark's. Shannon Elizabeth, and Meagan Good's acting has drastically improved, and they really helped me get to love their characters. But Mark's performance is his best yet as the ex priest with a violent past. His performance was ground breaking. The story is great, acting is great, truly one of the best movies of this year.

Best Picture
Best Director- Peter Weir
Best Supporting Actor- Mark Hamill
Best Supporting Actor- Terrence Howard
Best Supporting Actor- Chris Cooper
Best Supporting Actress- Shannon Elizabeth
Best Supporting Actress- Meagan Good
Best Supporting Actress- Katey Sagal
Best Original Screenplay- Andrew Niccol, and Paul Haggis

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