Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Author(s):Wes Freeman & Tyler Pratt
Location: Florida


Directed By: Quentin Tarrantino
Written By: Quentin Tarrantino & Robert Rodriguez
Music By: Nirvana
Produced By: Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein & Courtney Love

Principal Cast:

Nick Stahl as Kurt Cobain
Clive Owen as Krist Novoselic
Jason Schwartzman as Dave Grohl
Uma Thurman as Courtney Love
Harvey Keitel as David Geffen
Robert Rodriguez as Steve Albini
Steve Buscemi as Scott Litt
Sameul L. Jackson as Gary Smith

Tagline: “Its better to burn out then fade away...

Synopsis: The story of Kurt Cobain(Stahl), leading from the moment he met Krist Novoselic(Owen) to when an electrician(Jackson) found him dead

in his Washington state home. The movie weaves in and out of the revolution that was Nirvana, the monumental release of Nevermind under David Geffin's(Keitel) DGC records, the bands personal relationship before and after the introduction of Courtney Love(Thurman). It examines Cobaines personal dealings with fame, leading to his drug addiction. In November 1993, the band decided to change direction and sat down for an appearance on Mtv's show, Unplugged. The sessions revealed the depth of Cobain's songwriting, which had often been buried under the fury of the band's music. The song selection also demonstrated Cobain's broad musical interests through his choice of songs. It became a hallmark moment of Nirvana's history, if not amplified by the tragedy soon to follow.In early 1994 the band embarked on a European tour. While the tour started off well, the performances gradually declined, with Kurt looking bored and distracted during the shows, particularly during a show in Italy. Following a tour stop in Munich on March the 1st, Cobain was diagnosed with brochitis. The next night's show at the same venue was canceled. On the morning of March 4th Love finds Cobain unconscious and he is rushed to the hospital. The doctor says at a press conference that the singer had reacted to a combination of prescription drugs and beer. The rest of the tour is canceled, including a planned show in the UK. In the ensuing weeks, Cobain's heroin addiction resurfaces. An intervention is organized, and Cobain is convinced to check into drug rehabilitation. After less than a week in rehabilitation, Cobain climbs over the wall of the facility and took a plane back to Seattle. A week later, on Friday, April 8, 1994, Cobain is found dead by an electrician at his Seattle home. The reactions of bandmates Novoselic and Grohl(Ledger),and Courtney Love is shown. The Film ends with Cobain's funeral playing out as Cobain(Stahl) reads out his suicide note as a voiceover ending with "Its better to burn out, then to fade away"....

What the press would say:

"Exciting", "Stunning", "Shocking". The only way to describe Quentin Tarrantino's newest film would be to use these words. Quentin Tarrantino's sharp directing mixed with the revolutionary songs of Nirvana is nothing short of breathtaking in every sense.Quentin gives his best effort since Pulp Fiction with groundbreaking directing and a great screenplay that accurately portrays the late Cobain's attitude and the band's impact on modern music. Though none of this could come together without an excellent, well balanced cast that includes a breakthrough performance by actor Nick Stahl as Cobain in this star making preformance. Stahl gives careful attention to every quirk and mannerism of Cobain's and delivers the best drtamatic performance of the year, sometimes making you wonder if he is the incarnation of Cobain himself. Other standout preformances include Uma Thurman as Courtney Love. Thurman makes a great comeback after some notable flops to play the wild and sometimes drunken partygirl who stole Cobain's heart. Clive Owen and Heath Ledger provide the perfect bandmates to Stahl's Cobain and make the film seem much better than it would with other actors cast in their place. Harvey Keitel is fantastic as the nervous record label owner David Geffin and some great cameo's are provided by Steve Buscemi, Sameul L. Jacson and even director Robert Rodriguez. The film's set piece though is preformed by Nick Stahl, singin his heart out in one preformance of the original song "Burn Out". Any everybody who walks into that theater will walk out in utter disbelief at the greatness of this film. Bravo Tarrantino, you have once again made a 5 Star masterpiece.

Possible Awards:
- Best Picture: Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein and Coutney Love
- Best Director : Quentin Tarrantino
- Best Actor: Nick Stahl
- Best Supporting Actress: Uma Thurman
- Best Supportin Actor: Clive Owen
- Best Original Screenplay: Quentin Tarrantino & Robert Rodriguez
- Best Film Editing
- Best Original Song
- Best Cinematography

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