Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Playhouse

Author(s): Bryce Marrero
Location: Los Angeles

“The Playhouse"

directed by: Stephen Daldry
Written by: Alan Ball, Scott Alexander, and Paul Reubens
produced by: Tim Burton, Paul Reubens, and Bruce Cohen

genre: Dark Comedy

Principal Cast:

Toper Grace (Paul Reubens)
Shannon Elizabeth (Abby Reubens (Paul's sister))
Michael Keaton (Paul's Agent)
Ed O'Neill (Paul's Father)
Vanessa Marcil (Paul's Mother)

Tagline: “Today's secret word is, Indecent Exposure"

Synopsis: Paul grew up in a simple town. Paul's father was an ex pilot, always telling Paul about old war stories. His father and mother owned a lamp store, were Paul hanged out most of the time. When a circus comes to his town, he goes there almost everyday. He decides he wants to be a clown, but after failing most of his teenage years as a clown, he decides he rather act. He went to many auditions, but was ready to give up. However, his sister gave him confidence and support to keep trying. Paul gets a gig with "The Groundlings" a comedy sketch show. Getting inspiration from the clowns, and his memories as a young boy, he creates a boyish character called "Pee Wee Herman". The character becomes a hit. Paul gets an agent, who gets him a gig to star in his own show. Paul however is nervous he won't be able to live up to the hype. Paul's sister once again encourages him to keep going. Paul does the show, and becomes an even bigger hit. His agent is able to get him a movie deal, and Paul stars in his own movie. While shooting the movie he becomes close friends with director Tim Burton. His career gets bigger, when he gets the opportunity to star in his own TV show called "Pee Wee's Playhouse". The show becomes an instant classic. But behind the scenes Paul was developing problems. He started to see every woman he met as inferior to the woman of porn, and became a pornography addict. His addiction to porn was so bad, he was late to rehearsals, and always tired on the set. One day he visits his parents, who bore him with old stories. He decides to get away and goes to a local porn theater to watch porn. While putting some salt on his popcorn, someone spots him, and thinks that he is masturbating. The police arrive to arrest him for Indecent Exposure. Pee Wee Herman is killed over night. Paul's career is on the slop, and he is about to give up. But his sister once again encourages him to keep going. With that support he finds the confidence to keep acting, and gets a few acting gigs. He learns that when the going gets tough you have to keep going.

What the press would say:

One of the hilarious films of the year. Stephen Daldry directs the story of infamous "Pee Wee Herman". (Ironically written by Pee Wee Herman). The movie is smart, brilliant, and funny. The theme of "keep going when it gets tough" may be simple but works wonders. The acting is great. Topher Grace portrays an almost identical Paul Reubens. Definitely Topher's best, and funniest role. Shannon Elizabeth is also brilliant as the inspirational sister. This was definitely one of the best films to come out this year, and I recommend everyone to go see it.

Best Picture
Best Director- Stephen Daldrey
Best Actor- Topher Grace
Best Supporting Actress- Shannon Elizabeth
Best Adapted Screenplay- Alan Ball, Scott Alexander, and Paul Reubens

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