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The Home

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“The Home"

Directed By James L. Brooks
Written By James L. Brooks
Music By James Horner

Principal Cast:

Al Pacino (Vito Spacalone)
Bill Murray (Dr. Dick Van Schock)
Amanda Peet (Nurse Geena West)
Hal Holbrook (Gerry Matrizini)
Alan Arkin (Lawrence Netzmin)
Fionnula Flanagan (Deidre McDonall)
Greg Kinnear (Christopher Matrizini)
Elizabeth Perkins (Melinda Matrizini)
Dakota Fanning (Cassandra Matrizini)
Mark Wahlberg (Calvin McDonall)
Nora Dunn (Bea Burrows)

Tagline: “Would you want to be on their bad side?"

Synopsis: From Oscar-winning writer/director James L. Brooks comes a new dramedy centered on four elderly tenants in a suburban Long Island retirement home and their gripes about life. The story begins when former New York crime boss Vito (Al Pacino) checks himself into The Burrows after he believes that a hit has been placed on him. There he encounters the suspicious Dr. Van Schock (Bill Murray) and falls for the charms of his forceful nurse (Amanda Peet) while observing the lives of three of his co-tenants. First, there is Gerry (Hal Holbrook), a former police officer who is dealing with a recent stroke and his family (Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Perkins, Dakota Fanning) who have a hard time accepting that he likes the home. Then there is Lawrence (Alan Arkin), a bitter widower who moved into The Burrows when he realized that he had nobody else in the world. And finally he meets Deidre (Fionnula Flanagan), an Irish immigrant with Alzheimer’s who claims her son (Mark Wahlberg) is a man who raped her over fifty years ago. Vito tries to makes friends with his new acquaintances and begins to seek forgiveness for the crimes he has committed in the past. Nora Dunn also stars as the owner of the home who believes that Vito’s continued presence is hindering the happiness of others.

What the press would say:

James L. Brooks’ new film “The Home” makes you laugh hard while crying like a baby at some parts. It tells the story of an old mafia man who takes shelter in a nursing home and starts a war between the head doctor and the rest of the residents. Al Pacino is amazing as the tragic Vito, who slowly comes to terms with the fact that he too will die just like the people in the home. His performance strikes a chord in the heart in the film’s final act and will surely aid Pacino’s next race for top awards. Mark Wahlberg gives a powerful performance as a young man who tries to convince his senile mother that he is not a man who raped her, and as his mother grows worse he comes under the tutelage of Vito and eventually discovers Vito’s secret. Hal Holbrook, the stand-out of the film, gives the best performance of his long career as a stroke-ridden man who is sick of his family’s intervention in the last years of his life. “The Home” is a heartbreaking comedy that will make you wish you were younger.

Best Picture
Best Director-James L. Brooks
Best Original Screenplay
Best Actor-Al Pacino
Best Supporting Actor-Alan Arkin
Best Supporting Actor-Hal Holbrook
Best Supporting Actor-Mark Wahlberg
Best Supporting Actress-Amanda Peet
Best Supporting Actress-Elizabeth Perkins
Best Original Score

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